It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air … for some of us. We all know that hard rock and heavy metal songs can sometimes be sentimental, but this list is all about the tunes you go to when you want to tell someone to screw off. Bands such as DevilDriver, Slipknot, Halestorm and Rammstein deliver anthems that spread the word of anti-love throughout the land. If you're not in the mood for love, check out our following list of the Top 10 Anti-Love Songs:

  • ‘You Make Me Sick’


    There’s no lovey dovey stuff going on when your partner literally makes you feel nauseous. The track ‘You Make Me Sick’ by DevilDriver is one of the heaviest songs on the list as frontman Dez Fafara spits out the lyrics with venom and absolute revulsion, not to mention the guttural growls.

  • ‘Throw Me Away’


    Feeling used? Korn’s ‘Throw Me Away’ is for anyone feeling like a doormat as Jonathan Davis eerily sings the lyrics “Flesh wound, flesh wound / With medication it will fade/ Should I assume that someone hears me when I pray / Love full of hate / Don't you love how I break?”

  • ‘Die, Die My Darling’

    The Misfits

    Whether you like The Misfits version or the Metallica version, nothing says “I hate your guts” better than wishing death upon someone. “Die, die, die my darling / Don't utter a single word / Die, die, die my darling / Just shut your pretty mouth.” So if your loved one who isn’t so lovely is pissing you off, don’t pull a Dexter, just listen to this song.

  • ‘I Know You're F---ing Someone Else’

    Type O Negative

    Is your significant other a cheating and lying sack of crap? Turn up the volume of this Type O Negative Favorite ‘I Know You’re F----ing Someone Else.’ “You went to l'amour saturday night / Red nails and lipstick dressed two sizes too tight / His tongue down your throat / His hand up your skirt / Yeah I'm a man / But it still hurts.” Of course it hurts!

  • ‘Dead Memories’


    You may have ‘Dead Memories’ of the cheater in the song before. Slipknot usually expresses the hatred of another aggressively but the band does a poetic job of it in their song ‘Dead Memories.’ Even though frontman Corey Taylor sings the words “Dead Visions in your name / Dead Fingers in my veins / Dead Memories in my heart” softly, he still gets the point of loathing across.

  • ‘What Were You Expecting’


    Lzzy Hale of Halestorm proves that guys aren’t the only ones who are capable of breaking hearts with the tune ‘What Were You Expecting.’ Hale belts out the chorus “What were you expecting? / Another lullaby? / Are you kidding? / You must be high / Cause it was just one kiss.”

  • ‘Bitch’


    From the very start of the song ‘Bitch’ by Sevendust, the message is clear as Lajon Witherspoon melodically sings “I can't imagine to be like you / The pain and the suffering you put me through / I can't imagine to be like you / The pain and the suffering you put me through.”

  • ‘I F---ing Hate You’


    Well the title says it all and so do the lyrics “Don't ever look my way / Don't even think I'm playin' /'Cause I fucking hate you / You're such a liar / And I love to hate you.” Godsmack frontman Sully Erna gets straight to the point in ‘I F---ing Hate You’ off of their 2003 album ‘Faceless.'

  • ‘Du Hast’


    Leave it up to Rammstein’s to insult their partner via a marriage proposalwith their song 'Du Hast.' “Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt (you have asked me and I have said nothing) / Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet (Do you want, until death separates you) /treu ihr sein für alle Tage (to be faithful to her for all days) / Nein (No).”

  • ‘Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye’


    We all know Lemmy Kilmister has said this to many Motorhead groupies over the years, nonetheless “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” are the words you utter to someone you’re fed up with. “Gonna make a fool of you, watch out / Make your life a misery; make you shut your mouth / Gonna tell a tale on you, make your blue eyes cry / And then you know we're truly through, bye bye bitch, bye bye.” Enough said.

  • Bonus Video: You Think You Know Motorhead?

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