Toxic Holocaust just made one of the weirdest music videos we've ever seen. The new-school thrashers have released a chemical spill for the track 'Acid Fuzz,' packed with violent, animated insanity.

The band has just unleashed their fifth studio album, 'Chemistry of Consciousness,' which absolutely rips from beginning to end. The band's grimy blend of thrash, hardcore and punk rock culminates to a peak with 'Acid Fuzz,' and the cut's music video represents all that is Toxic Holocaust.

Where to begin? Well, 'Acid Fuzz' begins with an imprisoned man getting shot up in the eyeball in some sort of government experiment. The man's chemical trip takes him to a world of darkness, though it is blended beautifully with psilocybic colors. Insane acts of cartoonish violence continue throughout with monsters fighting off enemies with guns you'd only expect to find in a game of 'Doom' or 'Dead Space.'

Toxic Holocaust keep the violence coming with skeletal suicide bombers breaching the gates of Heaven, some dude being bitten in half by a shark, crucifixion scenes with a mythological dragon and much, much more. Drugs and the inhalation of chemical waste plague the characters involved, of which there are too many to count.

Want some ultra-stimulating visual insanity set to sickening thrash? Open up wide for your dose of Toxic Holocaust. 'Chemistry of Consciousness' is available here.