For all you thrash fanatics jonesing for some inspiration to demolish everything in your homes, look no further. The massively aggressive Toxic Holocaust are soon to release their fifth studio album, 'Chemistry of Consciousness,' but we've got a piece of the new record streaming exclusively here at Loudwire.

Formed in 1999, Toxic Holocaust have risen to become one of thrash's most exciting modern bands. Having also experimented with death metal and black metal nuances, Toxic Holocaust continue their sinister thrash sound with 'Chemistry of Consciousness,' which will see an Oct. 29 release via Relapse.

Toxic Holocaust have been steadily unveiling pieces of 'Chemistry of Consciousness' to prep the metal world, the latest of which is the track 'Rat Eater.' The new song creeps up on you, expelling the get-to-the-point style of which the thrash genre is known for. After well over a minute of buildup, 'Rat Eater' kicks in with the intensity of Sodom, Skeletonwitch or even Swedish d-beat masters Skitsystem.

'Rat Eater' is a thoroughly dynamic piece, delivering an evil intensity truly captivating in approach. Of course, the guitar rushes in for a blistering solo, bridging the song towards a conclusion with plenty of muscle.

Turn those speakers up and check out Toxic Holocaust's new track 'Rat Eater.' To pre-order the new album, click here.

Toxic Holocaust, 'Rat Eater'