Riding public transit in and out of the New York area is an experience unto itself and rarely does it reach a point of welcome entertainment. That was not the case for commuters on the Penn Station train line as one conductor shouted out directives like a pacing metalcore frontman addressing a crowd between songs.

A video clip of one amped up conductor was shared on the SubwayCreatures Instagram page, toeing the line between metalcore stage banter and pro wrestling theatrics. The unnamed commander of the train's PA system politely dictated pertinent information to passengers, adopting that voice metalcore singers use that's somewhere between talking and screaming like it's the last line of a verse as they're about to hit a soaring clean chorus.

"Apologies for the announcement being cut short. Once again, Lyndbrook Station will be next and only the first six cars on the train will make the platform at Lyndbrook Station," the conductor bellowed before politely adding with utmost authority, "And if you're unsure of what car you are in please seek out a crew member, we will be happy to direct you to the correct car. Attention to the entire crew of the train, the toggle is in that off position. Oh yeah!"

What's most surprising of all is this ideal prospect for a don't-quit-your-day-job metal band didn't call out all those motherfuckers in the caboose to come closer to the front since only those first six cars were slated to platform at the next stop.

Of course, we jest with the finest admiration for stereotypical metalcore banter and, really, stage banter in any and all forms. It's an art that simply can't be understated and one of the many reasons our love for metal will never wane.

Anyway, watch the clip below and have a few laughs — we all know we can use it right now.

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