Travis Barker just had a makeover done — by his daughter. Alabama Barker uploaded a video on her Instagram account covering up her dad's face tattoos.

The 15-year-old is sitting with her dad at the start of the video, where she introduces Kat Von D's brand of makeup, KVD Beauty, to cover his tattoos. KVD classifies itself as "tattoo-inspired makeup," and it's vegan. Barker uses their new Good Apple foundation, which comes in 40 different shades, on her dad's face.

After trying out various different shades on her dad's cheek to cover his "Blessed" tattoo, young Barker asks him about some of the other ones he has. His first one was on his leg, and his favorite is, in fact, the "Blessed" one that she covered up.

She then proceeds to cover a small anchor on the other side of his face, which she humorously referred to as a handkerchief.

After applying just one layer of the foundation to his tattoos, they pretty much completely disappeared. "The coverage of this formula had us both shocked," she wrote in the caption.

Watch the video below.

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