Trivium welcome you to Friday with a wake-up call certain to shake the walls a bit. The band just unleashed a re-recorded version of their song "Pillars of Serpents" that first appeared on their debut album, Ember to Inferno.

The double kick drum speed and brutality is still intact, as are Matt Heafy's punch you in the face vocals, but a slicker production makes this new version even sicker and heavier. You can compare with the original version below.

Trivium actually re-recorded the song in 2017 as a Japanese bonus track to their The Sin and the Sentence album. But this new version is being released under the title "Pillars of Serpents (2019)."

Though Trivium are enjoying a bit of "parental leave" this year, guitarist Corey Beaulieu revealed back in November, "We always are writing during downtime, so there's always demos of riffs or songs or half a song. So we do have stuff to get started on, but we still have more touring later next year for this record. So, realistically, there probably won't be anything until the following year. But maybe there will be a single for the record whenever – sometime later in the year." That said, it looks like 2020 for their next album.

However, singer Matt Heafy has been active with online video covers and the band's rhythm section recently contributed to Mark Morton's solo album. So the group is finding ways to remain in the minds of fans while enjoying a little break in the action.

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