Here are 10 metal bands whose second album is their best!

Although it’s not always the case, far too many artists (including numerous metal ones) have fallen victim to the dreaded “sophomore slump.” You know, the all too familiar – yet often understandable – tendency for up-and-coming acts to release disappointing follow-ups to their highly successful debut LPs.

But, what about the times when the exact opposite occurs and they miraculously create their magnum opus on their second try?

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Well, just ask the 10 bands featured below since all of them managed to do it!

That is, at least according to us and most fans. As always, opinions vary and debates arise, so there are certainly people who’d disagree with at least one example here or think that another band/album should’ve appeared instead. (We know, we know, you love Tool’s Ænima.)

Regardless, many listeners feel that the 10 records on this list continue to signify the pinnacle of their creators’ catalogues. No matter how remarkable their other collections have been, these artists have yet to outdo their superlative second full-length outings.

10 Metal Bands Whose Second Album is Their Best

The second time was definitely the charm for these metal bands!

Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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