In the spirit of their metallic new song “Rose Petal” and with Halloween right around the corner, we asked Twiztid musicians and horror aficionados Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child to react to some of the most epic horror movie kills in history.

Who knew Twiztid were such big fans of Leprechaun? Horror’s most fiendish little creature was sent into space for his fourth movie, racking up some brutal kills for the ages. After stabbing one gentleman in the taint with the blunt end of his shillelagh, Leprechaun finished the job with an extremely unlikely weapon, flattening the dude’s face into a pizza pie.

“Let this be a notice to you, Hollywood. Stop doing that; stop taking your franchises and flinging them into space,” Jamie demands. “We seen it and we’re not impressed.” Meanwhile, Monoxide calls space sequels a classic “jumped the shark” move.

The guys really flex their horror knowledge while watching Jason Voorhees perform his classic “sleeping bag kill” from Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood. “That scene was way longer than it was shown,” Jamie describes. “He actually takes that and he hits the tree — 1, 2, 3. The film board or whatever deemed that scene way too over the line. It still holds up, it’s ruthless.”

“You usually just see that done with cats,” Monoxide adds, bringing the brutality to yet another level.

Watch Twiztid react to classic horror movies scenes above and be sure to check out “Rose Petal” in the video below. To buy a copy of the song, click here.

Twiztid - Rose Petal (Official Music Video)

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