Get ready for your minds to be blown. A new late night talk show has hit the scene and it’s more brutal than that time Jay Leno usurped The Tonight Show back from Conan O’Brien.

Two Minutes to Late Night is a legit talk show focused on metal. Filmed at Brooklyn's St. Vitus, the show's got a corpse-painted host and co-host (Jordan Olds + Drew Kaufman), a house band in the form of Mutoid Man, grim segments and amazing guests like The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman and Bomb the Music Industry! / solo artist Laura Stevenson.

What’s so great about Two Minutes to Late Night is that among the chaos and silliness, it comes off as ridiculously professional. The monologue and chatter from host Gwarscenio Hall and his guests is hilarious, segments like reporting the weather from outside Glenn Danzig’s house and a metal trivia game called Squeal of Fortune are instant classics and a video piece where Ben Weinman auditions for an all-girl R&B group is too perfect for words. Weinman’s “malfunctioning computer” style of guitar playing didn’t quite fly with the easy-listening ladies, who promptly dismissed Weinman after a few erratic performances.

To finish off the show, Laura Stevenson dons full-on GWAR gear under the pseudonym of Chlamydia Newton-John (Oderus would have been proud) and jams a grotesque track with Mutoid Man.

As for what inspired Two Minutes to Late Night, Drew Kaufman tells the A.V. Club, “We want to give exposure to so many bands of all genres. Could you imagine being a young weirdo and watching a show that introduces you to queer and feminist metal bands?” Jordan Olds adds, “What’s really special about metal in particular is just how fun it is. It’s fearless. It isn’t afraid to look stupid or sound like s—t. I also hope I’m the last white male talk show host. That’s getting old.”

Watch the first edition of Two Minutes to Late Night in the video above and pray with us that more episodes will be made!

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