If you happen to be strolling through Ukraine, we highly recommend you visit the XII Months zoo in the village of Demidiv. The zoo has just unveiled a statue of Slayer frontman Tom Araya with a giant Slayer logo behind him and lines from “Dead Skin Mask” carved into a pillar.

We have no idea why a zoo would want to curate a life-size Tom Araya statue, but we give this work of art our seal of approval. A lot of labor went into creating Araya’s structure, especially when it came to the essential details. After working on the statue for over a month, it was finally completed May 28 and presented alongside more than 100 birds, domestic and wild animals that call XII Months zoo home.

The zoo proudly shared their Araya statue on Facebook:

The text roughly translates to:

Dear friends, we have finally finished our discussions and alterations, and can say - a sculpture of Tom Araya in our park is completed and submitted for your critical inspection. I can not tell you how hard it was and how much we argued about the accuracy of, say, shape the beard :) or Tom’s guitar. I put the results of our work on the official website of Tom, I have heard that he is now back from Chile and the rest before the European tour - perhaps peep us. At least Sandra Araya (wife) told me that she liked. . God forbid. . . I also told her how things were arguing about any details on the sculpture and even joked that thankfully there that at the concert - and if the sculpture called, for example, Tom on the beach. . . .
I am pleased that Ukraine has paid attention to the whole army (millions) of Slayer fans and Tom. Take a look at his website :) and all approval
Propaganda, war ensemble, Burial to the BE 

As you can see, the line, "In the depths of a mind insane / Fantasy and reality are the same,” from “Dead Skin Mask” is written right below Araya’s feet.

XII Months is Ukraine’s first zoo that is open 365 days a year. “Modern enclosures summer, winter enclosures with heated floors, a balanced diet to meet the needs of every inhabitant of the zoo and the clock care for animals - all of which ensures a continuous and high-quality work of our zoo during the year,” the zoo’s Facebook page reads.

So no matter what day it is, pay a visit to the XII Months zoo if you happen to be in Ukraine!

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