Post-hardcore veterans Underoath have launched the "Observatory" livestream series that will take place each Friday night for three consecutive weeks, beginning tonight (July 17). To make the events unique, the band will be performing three of their classic albums in full, one for each momentous concert.

Each concert will be streamed live at 8PM ET as the band intends to dig into their back catalog, performing Lost in the Sound of SeparationDefine the Great Line and They're Only Chasing Safety sequentially over the coming weeks.

If you're expecting a standard concert stage and an empty room, think again. Underoath have constructed a brand new stage in a secret facility specifically for the intention of offering a fresh live presentation for the concert streaming age we currently find ourselves in. What you can expect is the band's full-blown tour production, so there will be a number of familiar elements in the group's show.

Catch a glimpse of the forthcoming action in a teaser clip toward the bottom of the page. Additionally, see the scheduled performances even further below.

To purchase tickets, head here.

"We've always been a live band so this is a big deal for us," said Underoath in a collective statement. 'We've never attempted something of this scope so tackling it has been a big undertaking, but also exciting. It's a different arena for sure, but I think this will be something that changes how we approach our live shows from here on out. We can't wait to see what happens....We'll do it live."

To further celebrate their legacy, the band will be reissuing each of the three albums on vinyl with other merch bundle options available as well.

"Underoath: Observatory" Livestream Schedule

July 17 — Playing Lost In The Sound of Separation in full
July 24 — Playing Define the Great Line in full
July 31 — Playing They're Only Chasing Safety in full

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