We reported on preteen metal act Unlocking the Truth earlier this year, but the Brooklyn-based metal act has now made it all the way to CNN. The news network recently aired a profile on the three-piece band, giving Unlocking the Truth a huge platform to lure in new fans.

Unlocking the Truth are best known for a viral YouTube video where the band unleashes a crushing breakdown for unsuspecting people in New York City. The clip has accumulated nearly 1.5 million views, and since the video's success, ULT have made television appearance on Fuse News TV and 'Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.' They even opened for ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison's new band Scar the Martyr (see our pics of that show here).

In Unlocking the Truth's most recent TV appearance, CNN visited the band's practice space to record a jam session and interview the brutal seventh graders. "Us being black and having a heavy metal band is really tough, but then fun," says drummer Jarad Dawkins. The group's home town of Flatbush, Brooklyn is heavily steeped in hip-hop, so the story of young musicians developing their death metal craft is even more inspirational. "Heavy metal, the nail polish, the rock scene; they don't really see stuff like that," bassist Alec Atkins adds.

Although Unlocking the Truth haven't added vocals to their group yet, but guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse assures that he has written lyrics for the band. "Most of my lyrics right now are about being free," says Brickhouse.

Check out CNN's report on Unlocking the Truth above!

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