It’s been a great week for Veil of Maya as the band has released several goodies for fans to enjoy. The biggest news is the announcement that they are calling their upcoming album Matriarch and it will be released on May 12. Check out the album art for the release below.

Over the weekend, the group also released a new song and music video for “Mikasa.” The three-minute clip is the first video to show footage of Veil of Maya’s new frontman Lukas Magyar performing with the group. "Mikasa" also contains both both guttural and clean vocals from Magyar, which is new territory for the band.

The final gem released by the band is a Breaking Bad parody video called Breaking Bands. The hilarious spoof was made to announce the band's upcoming clean vocals experiment, while taking on the personas of various Breaking Bad characters including Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, acting out scenes from the popular TV show and even busting out some silly dance moves.

In early January, the band announced Lukas Magyar as the replacement for their previous singer Brandon Butler. Butler announced his departure from the group in September of 2014, citing creative differences. You can pre-order Veil of Maya's upcoming album Matriarch here, ahead of its May 12 release date.

Matriarch Album Art

Veil of Maya, 'Matriarch'

Watch Veil of Maya's Breaking Bands Video

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