Many recall the tumultuous split Velvet Revolver had with Scott Weiland, with drummer Matt Sorum and Weiland trading barbs publicly shortly after Weiland told a Glasgow crowd they were witnessing the band's last show. Immediately after the break, Weiland reunited with Stone Temple Pilots while Velvet Revolver have been inactive ever since, never finding the right person to fill the vocal void. In the years since, Weiland made overtures about reuniting with Velvet Revolver, but aside from a one-off benefit show it never came to fruition.

Following Weiland's death this past week, Sorum spoke with Sirius XM host Matt Pinfield about his relationship with Weiland and revealed that he had made peace with the singer since his exit from the band. “People know that in the end we had our differences and the band split up, but the wave of emotions that you feel is more like a family member. It’s like if you had a family member that maybe you didn’t get along with great, but you still loved them. So that’s the feeling," explained Sorum.

He added, while getting a little emotional, "We had the most outspoken moments on social media and what not, but the reality is, that’s like a brotherly thing. In the end, I just want the world to know, I feel like I made my peace with him. I saw him in New York at a show we did together about two years ago."

Weiland was a frequent participant in Sorum's Camp Freddy all-star covers band for a period, but that too stopped when Weiland exited Velvet Revolver. But it was a Camp Freddy performance that got the two talking again.

He recalled, "Me and Scott had a conversation. He apologized, I apologized. We made some amends. We were able to say, let’s move forward, let’s let the old stuff go. Then when we were in New York, we had a really great time together. After that, we didn’t really stay close, but I felt like we at least got past that point. It’s like when you have an issue with somebody, and you finally get to have that conversation, and it’s okay again, that kind of thing. That’s sort of how we left it."

As for his thoughts on Weiland's death, the drummer added, "I can’t say it was a shock, but I wasn’t expecting it. I felt like Scott was gonna be here hopefully longer than this."

Check out Sorum's full conversation with Pinfield in the player below.

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