Earlier in May, former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison unveiled his new band, Vimic. The outfit is rounded out by familiar faces from his previous project, Scar the Martyr, as they get a fresh start under a new moniker. With the announcement came a new song and now the group have dished out their second offering, a music video for "She Sees Everything."

Rhythmically oriented, Vimic roll off pummeling groove after groove with crunchy, down-tuned distortion that can be felt as much as it is heard. The verse picks up the pace with an uptempo, bouncing swagger and Kalen Chase's ferocious barks. The chorus is as unique as it is crisp, with clean backing vocals washing against Chase's hardened vocal edge, giving off a dangerous sense of duality.

The mid-section sees the intensity drop off in favor of world elements creeping into the sound. Jordison takes on a minimalistic tribal pattern, but the reprieve is quickly torn away with more rumblings chugs. Uptempo grooves enter the picture during the bridge and an ear-catching tapping solo breaks through the crushing weight of the rhythmic dominance.

Throughout the video, a man is seen walking through fields with the limp body of a woman draped over his shoulder. When he lays her on the ground, it is confirmed the woman is dead and she is then added to an open grave littered with the corpses of another two women. Clips of the band performing in the woods are spliced in with the grisly storyline along with shots of a woman dressed in black latex.

Vimic are set to release their Open Your Omen debut later this year, through no exact release date has been revealed as of yet. The group is rounded out by vocalist Kalen Chase, guitarist Jed Simon, bassist Kyle Konkiel and keyboardist Matt Tarach in addition to Jordison behind the kit.

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