Vimic, the new band headed up by former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison from the ashes of Scar the Martyr, will be releasing their debut album later this year. With two songs already out offering a glimpse at the new outfit, they've released their third song, "My Fate," with a music video to boot.

"My Fate" instantly separates itself from the previously released "Simple Skeletons" and "She Sees Everything," opening with an infectious, flanger-driven melody. Shedding the heavily downtuned, jagged rhythms in favor of a push and pull verse, Vimic have crafted their catchiest song yet. Singer Kalen Chase fills in the empty space between the stunted chords and delivers a soaring chorus.

The video, directed by Max Moore, flashes between black and white clips of the band playing in a warehouse and a loose storyline of a man who seemingly regains consciousness in a grassy field and recalls what had recently happened to him. Strapped to a chair and surrounded by devious surgeons, he is transferred to the operating table where his lips are sewn shut. Freeing himself from the restraints following the procedure, he unstitches his mouth and runs free from the building.

Open Your Omen will serve as Vimic's entry into the metal foray, arriving at a yet-to-be-disclosed date later this year on Roadrunner. Speaking about the motive behind the band, Jordison told SiriusXM, "I decided that I really wanted to start fresh. I did not want to keep rehashing some old ideas, if I’m going to keep going I really want to break loose, wipe the slate clean and start fresh."

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