When we asked who you wanted to see on ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ this man was the most requested artist. We love to give you what you want, so here’s legendary drummer Joey Jordison proving and disproving what’s written about him on Wikipedia!

Nothing was off limits for Jordison, so we spoke about his childhood, his time with Slipknot, his current musical endeavors and more! Joey disproved some Wikipedia stuff right away, correcting his middle name and the nicknames he’s been given (or not given) over the years.

Jordison grew up in a family that was in the funeral parlor business. Though Wikipedia notes that his mother started a single funeral home, Jordison expands on the fact, sharing that his family had five funeral parlors. “My stepfather passed away — he’s the one that owned all the funeral homes once my mom remarried. We had five funeral homes and yes, I would occasionally help with the duties that encompass owning businesses like that. My whole family did … That was a big part of my life at the time.”

The drummer even talked about recording with Slipknot in the famous "Houdini Mansion" and a ghostly encounter he had while living in the house, only it didn’t happen in the basement like Wikipedia says. “Around 4AM, 5AM every night, I’d hear… my door would close,” Jordison recalls. “I love it, because Vol. 3, that’s where I lived making that record and it was awesome. I’d love to revisit it someday soon. I’d really love to go back there and hang out and kind of revisit those memories.”

Check out the Joey Jordison episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and get ready for VIMIC to release Open Your Omen in the near future. VIMIC also have some exciting tour dates coming up, so keep your eyes open for that news coming soon.

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