Last Friday (April 8), video surfaced of Vince Neil involved in a physical altercation with actor Nicolas Cage outside a hotel in Las Vegas. Cage was seen restraining Neil, putting him in a loose headlock after the singer allegedly pulled a woman to the ground by her hair. While Neil was cited with an infraction for battery prior to the incident, he now insists his actions were not what had been reported in the events leading to the kerfuffle with Cage.

As TMZ notes, a woman was "very aggressive" in her pursuits to obtain an autograph from the frontman after Neil, Cage and comedian Carrot Top wrapped up lunch at the Aria Hotel and Casino. The Motley Crue singer allegedly "pushed past her" rather than throwing her to the ground by her hair. TMZ additionally reports that alcohol was involved as the group had been drinking during lunch. It is also stated that security had held them up for over an hour inside the hotel, leading to frustrations from Neil. Authorities will be examining the tapes from inside before making a decision on whether or not they will be handing down another citation.

Throughout his career, Neil has had numerous run-ins with the law, being cited for drinking and driving several times among other activities. His most recent troubles stem from his ill-fated arena football team where he and his partners have been accused of defrauding investors. The embattled singer was also cited for wasting water, exceeding the average gallon allotment per day at a California home where he once resided.

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