Choppy images, a boxing ring, the band's live audience, instruments being knuckled down upon and obscured shots of the band itself reign supreme in Volbeat's video for 'A Warrior's Call.' There's so much fast-paced, black, white and red-hued action taking place that this video could make your eyeballs pop out of your head.

Given the battle-ready tone of the song, you might expect the accompanying video to include bloodied 'n' brutal, '300' style fight scenes to match the rising tension that is the song's power source, but that's not where Volbeat go with the video. Not even close. You won't find a loin-clothed, sandal-wearing, shield-holding Gerard Butler anywhere in this video. The boxing ring is fitting, though, since the band's fellow countryman, Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler, inspired the song and even helps sings the "Fight" part.

Instead, the word "Fight" splashes on the screen, but for the most part, Volbeat let the music do most of the talking and at the highest volume. The images that burst onto the screen are merely window dressing. The militaristic drumbeats and the booming, bellowing vocals certainly make a point, and the images are jarring enough to will make you feel like someone picked you up and shook you.

We never get a clear shot of the band in this vid, and we think that's intentional. The visuals are scratchy and bright but don't allow for the viewer to have a clear vantage point of the players. It certainly increases the intrigue about the band.

Watch Volbeat 'A Warrior's Call' Video