Rare is the band that can cite Elvis Presley and the Misfits as influences. But Danish rock act Volbeat are a rare band. On paper, Volbeat's music should be an incoherent mess. They mix rock, punk, metal and rockabilly and then shake it, stir it, spill some of it on the floor and slam the rest of the concoction against the wall. But the execution works.

'A Warrior's Call' is an anthem contained on their latest album 'Beyond Hell / Above Heaven' and it's bursting with spastic, unharnessed, punk rock energy, while the low, throaty vocals roar and thunderous, near-tribal percussion booms throughout the song.

The song was written for Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler and even starts out with the line 'Let's get ready to rumble!' There's even a battle cry of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" that's shouted by Kessler himself. It's a larger-than-life song from a unique band.

No wonder Metallica's heads were turned enough for them to invite Volbeat to tour with 'em. And no, it's not just because they are drummer Lars Ulrich's fellow countrymen, either! Volbeat hold their own, as 'A Warrior's Call' deftly demonstrates. They just so happen to have some heavyweights in their corner, to help expose their eclectic, metallic mix to the masses.

The true force and power of Volbeat can be felt with 'A Warrior's Call,' which, despite being a song about boxing, may cause you to daydream that you are cloaked head-to-toe in armor, hopping a steed, brandishing a sword and riding into battle. It has that epic, battlefield vibe, without ever crossing into overblown or bombastic territory. Volbeat walk that line carefully.

Listen to Volbeat, 'A Warrior's Call'