Danish rockabilly metallers Volbeat have a well-established history of entertaining music videos, often with a clear narrative. Here, they've got a bit of the "Eye of the Tiger" in the "Seal the Deal" video, dialing up some classic film nostalgia, paying homage to the legendary Rocky movies.

With flickering lights overhead, a young man (real life boxer Frank Galarza) sporting a grey hoodie shadowboxes in an empty, run-down warehouse as the music video opens up. With a snare count-in, the song kicks into action and so does the video, showing the man running up stairs and doing pull ups and push ups in a park.

Shots of Volbeat performing onstage are spliced between the training fighter running through a myriad of boxing exercises, including knocking around a speedbag and ducking under ropes set up in the ring. While this is going on, the man is also shown at home with a woman that he had a verbal altercation with outside their home as a child watched from behind a pane of glass.

Preparing to enter the arena, the fighter wraps his knuckles while the child sits beside him. The little one then takes the blue hood and drapes it over the man's head as he stands up, revealing the back print that reads "Brooklyn Rocky" before entering the arena.

"As someone who grew up around boxing and is an avid fan of the sport, [we]re thrilled with the video Martin and Magnus at Gaucho Film created for 'Seal The Deal,'" said Volbeat as a collective. "We’re also very proud to feature fighter Frank Galarza in the clip; he and his young co-star Elvin really brought the feel of the song to life. Expect big things coming from both of them in the future!"

The track comes off Volbeat's latest record, Seal the Deal and Let's Boogie, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie about the band's "unmistakable" sound, vocalist / guitarist Michael Poulsen stated, "We pretty much found our style on our first record, so it’s not like we were looking or searching for that sound. We had the Volbeat sound already from day one when we recorded, actually, the demos. Basically what we’ve been doing is progressing and being better songwriters. A lot of touring has been helping and us playing together."

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