Note: In order for an album to be considered for nomination in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards, it had to be released between Oct. 31, 2015, and Oct. 21, 2016. No album which came out after Oct. 21 is eligible for the Best Metal Album in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards, hence the reason you may not see a few major releases among the nominees. Those albums will be considered for nomination in next year's awards.

Every year we're just positively overwhelmed with how much metal comes out. Hundreds and hundreds of metal acts released a new record this year and keeping up with all of it can be challenging, even with our Release Calendar scooping up most of what's on the radar each week. Like every year, the time has come to cast your ballot (and then cast it again every hour) from our list of 20 nominees for the Best Metal Album in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

Looking back throughout the months, one of this year's earliest standouts was Megadeth's Dystopia. The album was seen as a slight return to form to their more classic days with world-class shredding mixed with ever-catchy refrains and melodies. Another 'Big 4' group made their way into the nominees as Anthrax's For All Kings further cemented the thrashers' legacy.

Gojira moved forward with their formula, opting for more compact songs that leave just as deep of an impact as their most acclaimed works. On the progressive side, extreme metallers Anciients and traditional prog luminaries Fates Warning showcase the diverse realm of the heady genre, as did Opeth with their ever-shifting sound finding new heights on Sorceress.

In the poll below, you'll also be able to vote for discs from veteran acts like Amon AmarthMeshuggah, Korn, the Devin Townsend Project, Killswitch Engage, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Death Angel, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Ihsahn, alongside lesser recognized bands like Oranssi Pazuzu, Sumac, Sumerlands and Destroyer 666. And, of course, who can forget Babymetal?

You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 10AM ET for your favorite choice, so make sure to do all you can to help your favorite disc to win the Best Metal Album in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

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