"Live to fly / fly to live!" Steve Harris may have authored Iron Maiden's "Aces High" but the the words resonate deeply with frontman and pilot Bruce Dickinson. The singer has famously been piloting a custom Iron Maiden branded plane on tour since 2008 with this year's tour in support of The Book of Souls featuring their largest airborne vehicle yet. The Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet once again dubbed 'Ed Force One' has garnered attention around the world and now here's your chance to see Dickinson in action behind the controls in the cockpit!

In the video above, Dickinson is seated left of his co-pilot, giving a brief announcement to all onboard stating they do not expect to hit any turbulence — or "lumps and bumps" as he puts it — until a bit later in the flight. Explaining they'll be dodging a few thundershowers, he instructs everyone to "sit back and enjoy the ride" and welcomes everyone aboard.

Showing his map, Dickinson points out the plane's route and notes they'll experience "some lovely views of the Amazon" on their way from Fortaleza, Brazil to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Returning his attention to the controls, he flips switches and engages as Ed Force One begins to cruise down the runway. Before long, the plane takes off and the singer prompts for the landing gear to be turned back up and another Flight 666 journey is underway, just days after Ed Force One was repaired.

Iron Maiden were dealt a major blow in mid-March when two of the craft's engines were badly damaged in a ground accident. As Ed Force One was being towed to a refueling station, a steering pin fell out causing a collision with the ground which resulted in an emergency need for two brand new engines. A logistical nightmare, all was worked out as a 'round-the-clock team of specialists worked feverishly to get everything back in order. In just over a week, Ed Force One was back in the air and all normal touring duties were resumed. Astonishingly, not one show was hampered despite the seemingly tour-threatening damage.

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