Want to watch Guns N' Roses perform from the comfort of your own home and for only $5? Well, guess what? You can, as the band is offering a pay-per-view livestream of their concert at the famed House of Blues in Chicago this Sunday, Feb. 19.

For the average cost of a Starbucks beverage, you can invite Axl Rose and company into your living room for roughly three hours of hits. So forgo your caffeine fix or whatever else you might spend five bucks on in favor of the mighty GN'R.

Fans will be able to stream the concert at the bands website. Go here for information on how to sign up.

But wait, there's more.

While you get to enjoy GN'R live without ever leaving the house or your comfy, cozy couch, you will also help in the fight against world hunger by participating, since a percentage of the proceeds from the livestream will be donated to Feeding America, a leading hunger-relief organization that provides low-income individuals with food. Essentially, you will be doing good in a passive fashion and one that allows you to be entertained in the process.

The livestream begins at 10 PM CT with Electric Sun's performance. GN'R's set will kick off at 11 PM CT. Now you know what to do with your Sunday night. With the Super Bowl and the 2012 Grammy Awards in the rear view, Guns N' Roses just gave rockers another reason to love Sunday night.

[Update 2/20: The concert can still be streamed for the discounted price of $3 here. Proceeds will still benefit Feeding America.]



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