Metal fans, rejoice. Philip Anselmo dusted off Superjoint for shows this summer and there's talk of new music from the band. But while we wait to see what they have in store, there's a new live video from one of the band's recent performances in Anselmo's home base of New Orleans.

The clip is for the song "Ozena" and it features several stylistic shifts along the way, from being a chugging rocker to a high energy almost punk-infused vibe. The track was initially featured on their Use Once and Destroy album. This performance came from the band's New Orleans House of Blues show and was filmed by Mike Holderbeast. Watch it in full above.

During a recent chat with Full Metal Jackie, Anselmo revealed that it was his late Housecore Horror Festival co-founder Corey Mitchell who nudged him to revisit Superjoint. "It was more peer pressure, sort of speak. I always considered Superjoint pretty much finished," said Anselmo. "Corey Mitchell — rest in peace — the hardest working man for the Housecore Horror and Film Festival, who passed away untimely last year. It was really his idea and he kept begging and kept begging and kept begging. And I was like, 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no.' But then Jimmy Bower got into it and he was like why not man let’s do it. Then next thing you know we were having fun and then we played Housecore Horror Fest Part 2 and that was fun and then the offers started coming in. Then I guess at this point it’s like why not? You know, let’s go out and have a blast."

As for new music, Anselmo added, "Right now we have five new pieces that are pretty good. I think it’s a decent start. But I think that Jimmy has been out with EyeHateGod for quite a while now. We all need to get back in the jam room and reassess what we have. And I think that there is a good chance that we could put out a record. Like I said, there is material that we’ve been working on. But would I say it’s close or finished? No I would not. I would say it needs some tender loving care and I guess once we feel like we are at a certain point with the songs, then we’ll decide whether or not we’re going to move forward or just have extra stuff to put out there for kicks."

Stay tuned to see when and where Superjoint will resurface again.

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