Last night (Oct. 2), System of a Down invaded the 2011 Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil, playing a near two-hour set in front of hundreds of thousands of eager fans. The 28-song setlist encompassed System's entire career from their self-titled debut album to the 'Mesmerize'/'Hypnotize' era.

System began their epic performance with an incredibly suspenseful rendition of 'Prison Song.' Hidden behind a giant System of a Down banner, guitarist Daron Malakian hit the single C chord which begins the opening track of 'Toxicity.' The Brazilian crowd knew exactly what was coming for them, completely drowning out vocalist Serj Tankian's whisper of "They're trying to build a prison." Finally the banner dropped, revealing the quartet and beginning System's massive performance.

A highlight of performance was a speech Tankian made before playing 'Holy Mountains.' Tankian proclaimed, "The 20th Century has been plagued by two World Wars, genocide, killing of the environment and destruction of our ecosystem, man thinks we're really smart, to be able to develop all these machines so we can destroy. We are the dumbest f---ing animals on the f---ing planet."

Check out the setlist and watch the full performance (except for a glitch during 'Kill Rock 'n Roll' and 'Forest') in the YouTube video below.

System of a Down's Full 2011 Rock in Rio Setlist:

1. 'Prison Song'
2. 'B.Y.O.B.'
3. 'Revenga'
4. 'Needles'
5. 'Deer Dance'
6. 'Radio/Video'
7. 'Hypnotize'
8. 'Question!'
9. 'Suggestions'
10. 'Psycho'
11. 'Chop Suey!'
12. 'Lonely Day'
13. 'Bounce'
14. 'Lost in Hollywood'
15. 'Kill Rock 'n Roll' (the video cuts out here and resumes at the end of 'Forest')
16. 'Forest'
17. 'Science'
18. 'Mind'
19. 'Innervision'
20. 'Holy Mountains'
21. 'Aerials'
22. 'Vicinity'
23. 'Tentative'
24. 'Cigaro'
25. 'Suite-Pee'
26. 'War?'
27. 'Toxicity'
28. 'Sugar'

Watch System of a Down at Rock in Rio 2011