A beautifully metal couple recently tied the knot, recording video of their first dance and posting it to YouTube. In all likelihood, this first dance holds the world record for shortest of all time, as it was set to Napalm Death’s micro-classic, “You Suffer.”

Make all the jokes you want about marriage and suffering, but any couple that finds joy in a one-second grindcore wedding spectacle is bound to find eternal bliss.

“I just wanted to say that neither of us really like dancing that much, so we settled on a shorter song,” the groom told his wedding guests. “It’s kind of an older one, ummm… so it won’t take too long.” The groom kept their promise, finishing their first dance in just 1.316 seconds.

Having Our First Married Dance at Our Wedding to Napalm Death

“Allowing The Carvings for Mutual Compassion” by Last Days of Humanity was a couple seconds too long, so we settled on “You Suffer,” they write in their YouTube description.

Napalm Death spoke about the song’s short run time during a 1989 appearance on the BBC. “Well, them short songs don’t represent the band as it is today,” said Lee Dorrian. “That was short and to the point for a purpose. You suffer, but why?

Congrats to the happy and very brutal couple!

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