The year of Weezer continues with the band shifting focus from their recently released OK Human album to a fresh selection from the upcoming Van Weezer album titled "I Need Some of That."

The track starts off quite nostalgic with an '80s-esque guitar lick before settling back into the catchy melodic Weezer that we've become familiar with. The opening is no coincidence as the lyrical message is a reflective one, with Rivers Cuomo singing about the youthful ambition he had as a teen taking him back to the rock and roll dreams of his formative years and hoping to recapture some of that today.

Check out the lyrics and watch the lyric video for the song below. If you like what you hear, the song is available here.

Weezer, "I Need Some of That" Lyrics

I press rewind
And go back to a simple place
When I was just
A little punk
Daydreaming of my escape
Listening to Aerosmith
Later on I will call my mom
Now I'm plugging in to a Marshall stack
I can be anything I want

I need some of that
It’s just what I need
We'll be riding our ten-speeds
Even if we blow up
We're never gonna grow up
‘Cause this is where it's at

I’ve been around
Around the world
And I’ve seen all kinds of hoods
But this is mine
It’s dear to me
‘Cause here I’m understood

I need some of that
Don't ever leave me
There's nothing on tv
Even if we blow up
We're never gonna grow up
‘Cause this is where it's at

Even when the sun was fading
I was in my hatchback ragin’
Riding up and down this block
‘Cause I owned this block

I need some of that
Shake it up baby
Driving me crazy
Even if we blow up
We're never gonna grow up
‘Cause I need some of that

Weezer, "I Need Some of That"

Even with their pop hooks, the music from Van Weezer showcases a bit more of the band's heavier side and that's by design. The band's 15th studio album, produced by Suzy Shinn, takes its inspiration from the hard rock and metal upbringing the band members embraced in their formative years.

Cuomo has shared his KISS fandom, while guitarist Brian Bell claims Black Sabbath as an early favorite. Drummer Pat Wilson worshipped at the altar of Van Halen and Rush while bassist Scott Shriner embraced the thrash sounds of Slayer and Metallica.

After first teasing Van Weezer over the last two years with "Hero," "Beginning of the End" and "End of the Game," the album is finally on schedule for a May 7 release, marking their second record of 2021. You can check out the artwork and track listing below and pre-order Van Weezer here.

Weezer, Van Weezer Artwork + Track Listing

Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Crush Music/Atlantic Records

All the Good Ones
The End of the Game
I Need Some of That
Beginning of the End
Blue Dream
1 More Hit
Sheila Can Do It
She Needs Me
Precious Metal Girl

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