What ever happened to rock and metal's class of 1994?

It's hard to believe it's been 30 years, but the hard rock and metal world was at a major tipping point back in 1994. Grunge may have been thriving, but signs of wear were starting to show. The genre also suffered the death of its most iconic star with Kurt Cobain's passing.

Meanwhile, alt-rock started generating new contenders to the rock throne. Both Green Day and The Offspring portended a pop-punk revival, Courtney Love emerged from Cobain's shadow with Hole's strongest album to date and a whole new batch of bands were ready to leave their imprint on rock and metal's future.

Among them were Oasis, kicking off the next wave of Brit-pop, Cradle of Filth, changing the game in extreme metal and Korn, who are often credited with pioneering nu-metal that proved to be grunge's successor.

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Who else was part of rock and metal's Class of 1994 and what happened to those bands? Join us as we revisit the year's breakout bands below.

What Ever Happened to Rock + Metal's Class of 1994?

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