Spotify recently launched a new "Song Psychic" feature, which is an interactive tool users can have some fun with. Here's how to use it.

The streaming platform has launched a couple of unique gizmos and quizzes over the last couple of years. Their most popular, of course, is Spotify Wrapped, which allows users to see a detailed report of their listening habits and trends at the end of every year that they can then share across their social media channels.

It seems as though "Song Psychic" was just added to the app a couple of days ago, as Spotify just introduced it on their For the Record blog on Feb. 29 in a post titled, "Spotify's Song Psychic Is Ready to Answer Your Burning Questions."

Let's break down how the new feature works.

What Is Spotify's 'Song Psychic'?

"Song Psychic" is a new in-app feature that may randomly pop up when users open the platform, or it can be searched the same way songs, artists, albums and podcasts are.

"Life’s full of little mysteries, and sometimes the most fun way to tackle them is with a bit of cosmic guidance. Spotify is ready to take you on a journey of enlightenment with Song Psychic, a new, mystical music experience," Spotify writes in their blog post.

Upon launching the tool, various symbols flash across the screen before the "Song Psychic" homepage is displayed, which is animated similar to a crystal ball.

"Your questions answered — with a song," the page reads, with a "Get Started" button underneath.

How Does Spotify's 'Song Psychic' Work?

After clicking "Get Started," subscribers are brought to a page that presents nine different prompts to choose from. The page asks users to choose one of the categories, or selects one itself with a button that says "Ask For Me."

The categories are: school, friends and family, love, career, life's greatest mysteries, my future, myself, style and lunch.

After selecting one of the options, individuals are either presented with a single question they can submit, or they're prompted to type in a question related to the subject, which will generate several questions in a drop-down menu to choose from.

Once the question is submitted, Spotify will then answer the question with a song, and the results can be shared on social media.

Why a Psychic Feature?

In Spotify's report, they note that listeners have created over 250,000 "psychic-related" playlists on the app.

Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" is one of the top songs that appears in those playlists, as well as Stevie Nicks' "Crystal" and a few others.

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Obviously we don't recommend that you base important life decisions on a song generated by an app, but have fun with it. Maybe it'll make a solid recommendation for you to whip up for lunch or help you plan an outfit for the day.

We tried the lunch option and got Warrant's "Cherry Pie." That seems fitting.

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