With the April 29 release of their latest album 'Our Endless War' two weeks away, Whitechapel have unleashed the lyric video for the title track via Artist Direct (watch above).

Vocalist Phil Bozeman talks about what inspired him to write the song: "The focus behind the song 'Our Endless War' is not what a lot of people believe it to be. A lot of people will think it's just a stab at our government but it's more than that. The United States as a whole has been in this sort of downward spiral for quite some time now. It has to do with just us as a nation; our citizens, government, culture, etc."

Bozeman continues, "I truly feel like we are becoming those 'stupid Americans' that we are stereotyped as because of things like reality TV, gluttony, our healthcare system, school shootings and so many other things. I've been around the world and seen how different countries treat each other."

He concludes, "It seems as though they are truly 'united' as one whereas it seems like we hate each other. I love my country and my freedom and I will always be a patriotic citizen of the United States but I'm scared of what the future holds for our generations to come. It seems as though we are fighting an endless war and we will never find that victory."

Whitechapel will be embarking on a co-headlining tour with DevilDriver that kicks off May 17 in Denver. Before that tour, they'll be on the road with Carnifex, Within the Ruins and Cruelhand from April 16 through April 27. They also have a few shows in Mexico in May. For a complete list of Whitechapel tour dates, go here.

The band is also conducting a contest where fans can submit videos of them covering the single 'Mono.' The winner will win some swag along with a 30 minute vocal coaching lesson with Bozeman via Skype. The deadline for entries is April 21.