Music videos have long been a superb way for musicians to enhance the meaning, publicity and appeal of their work. Offering boundlessly creative ways to represent a composition visually, they can even kick off the careers of countless up-and-coming actors and filmmakers.

Obviously, the art form doesn’t always revolve around sunshine and rainbows; on the contrary, plenty of music videos – particularly in the realm of rock and metal – are sadistically violent and ridiculously gory.

Case in point: the following 10 picks, each of which is delightfully disturbing enough to rival the most gruesome works by today’s most depraved horror directors.

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The Most Violent and Gory Rock + Metal Music Videos

These rock and metal music videos are sadistically violent and ridiculously gory.

The Most Sexually Explicit Rock and Metal Music Videos

Warning: These clips go to some dark and dirty places.

Head below to see some of the most sexually explicit music videos in rock and metal.