The Smashing Pumpkins reissued their platinum-selling 1996 box set 'The Aeroplane Flies High' on July 23, and the release marks an essential piece of the Smashing Pumpkins' history. And to celebrate its arrival, Loudwire is teaming up with Noisecreep and to give away 'Aeroplane Flies High' package to one lucky fan.

'The Aeroplane Flies High' reissued box set comes in a variety of formats, and we're giving away the Deluxe Edition 6 CD / 1 DVD version. The original 'Aeroplane Flies High' box set featured expanded versions of the singles from their 1995 double album, 'Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness.' The revised box set includes the original 33 'Aeroplane Flies High' songs, and 104 expanded tracks (90 audio and 14 audio-visual) encompassing unreleased demos, alternate versions and live recordings. A 46-page book also comes with 'The Aeroplane Flies High,' featuring extensive track-by-track notes from Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

“What I like about The Aeroplane Flies High is that it’s almost the existential backwater of the Mellon Collie album,” Corgan says. “Listening to the music gathered here is a little bit like seeing what goes on behind the walls of Disneyland. I’ve always been fascinated with places that are very well constructed, and finding out what’s really going on just over the fence. You look over that gate and notice that things on the other side are not well painted—or maybe you spot that guy dressed as some character sneaking a smoke on his break. At least for me, the behind the scenes feel heard on The Aeroplane Flies High represents something revealing not found on the main album. In retrospect, it’s a nice document of how we arrived at the apex of Mellon Collie—and also what standing on that apex did to us personally.”

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