The Winery Dogs just wrapped up their 2015 touring duties and are closing out the year with a video for the somber sounding "Fire." The song comes off their sophomore album Hot Streak. A supergroup on the surface, consisting of drum legend Mike Portnoy, bass extraordinaire Billy Sheehan and the veteran musician Richie Kotzen on guitar and vocals, Winery Dogs is a full-time project and the main focus of each of its members.

"Fire" opens up with a gorgeous, quick piano melody that is swept away by the calming sounds of Kotzen's acoustic playing. The typically hard-hitting rock group showcases their world-class talents by incorporating jazz-fusion elements into the moody piece. The video fades in and out between clips of the band on the road, laughing and smiling while performing onstage.

Interspersed between black and white footage of the power trio are shots of Kotzen walking around Times Square in New York City, playing his acoustic guitar along with the song. Set to a yellow hue, clips of a woman diving into water also connects with the cleansing effect the song has on the listener. The final two shots display an image of the Winery Dogs name in lights outside a venue and then a stagehand sweeping the empty stage after the venue was emptied.

Commenting on "Fire" to Billboard, Kotzen said "When we were writing for [Hot Streak] I remember sitting around with the guys an playing the chord changes and kinda humming the melody. Billy and Mike made some really great suggestions for the arrangement and I went and took it and wrote some words for it, and we cut the song."

He also spoke about his admiration for the kind of music "Fire" hits on, stating, "My comfort zone, the music that I love is really singer/crooner-based music. I love that music. When I'm home I'll listen to Curtis Mayfield or put Sam & Dave on." Noting the drastic difference in style compared to the band's heavier style, he added, "If I had to pick one [style], I would much rather live in the world of "Fire" or "Remember" or "Damage" or "Regret" rather than the more frenetic, aggressive world, because I feel like you can be so much more expressive musically and artistically when you have that kind of space in the music. The fast, crazy s--t is a lot of fun, but, personally, I can't live with it 24 hours the day. I need the balance."

The Winery Dogs will be hitting Europe in late January next year as they continue to support Hot Streak.

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