Earlier this week, artist Robert Vargas revealed his mural of late guitar great at the Hollywood location for Guitar Center. While mostly praised, there have been a few critics on social media and Wolfgang Van Halen called out one in particular claiming the mural looked nothing like Eddie Van Halen.

"Homie better get some glasses, because he can’t see shit," started Van Halen, later adding, "The mural is incredible. Literally flawless. I can understand 'not liking a particular piece of art' for whatever reason, but saying it doesn’t look like him makes you look BIG dumb. It’s not even a matter of taste, it’s just straight up wrong."

To further prove his point, Wolfgang then posted the original photo used for the mural side-by-side with Vargas' work.

Further giving the mural his approval, Wolfgang offered, "I want to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to the unfathomably talented @TheRobertVargas, and @guitarcenter for the painting of this incredible mural of my father at Guitar Center Hollywood. What an incredible honor it is to see Pop immortalized in such a beautiful way."

Eddie Van Halen died on Oct. 6, 2020 at the age of 65. This past Tuesday (Jan. 26) would have been the guitar great's 66th birthday. The tributes since Eddie's passing have been many, but the mural is one of the most significant ones in Van Halen's home area. There has also been talk of the city of Pasadena, where the Van Halen brothers grew up, creating a memorial of some type as well.

In addition to the mural unveiling earlier this week, Vargas revealed that there is an augmented reality component as well. Have a look at the AR component as well as the finished mural below:

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