Wolfgang Van Halen is definitely one of the best artists to follow on Twitter right now. Always playfully engaging with his fans and skillfully combatting criticism, the multi-instrumentalist recently responded to questions about the massive crab on the cover of his forthcoming Mammoth WVH solo album and then posited a handful of questions about the peculiar artwork for Van Halen's 1984 record.

Expressing he was surprised by just how many questions he's fielded about the gigantic crab that is seen overtaking an ordinary parking lot on the Mammoth WVH cover, Wolf replied with a screenshot of synonyms of the adjective "mammoth," one of which is "king-size(d)." In all likelihood, this explains why a king crab dominates the cover art.

But wait, there's more...

One Twitter user, Clayton, replied to Wolf, informing him that when they hear the word "mammoth," they instantly connect it with the extinct wooly mammoth. "Not everyone is gifted with that Van Halen genius to put these things together," said Clayton before getting in a jab, "Maybe put a pic of your ego on there to describe mammoth."

Wolf, undeterred by the clapback, quipped, "Ahh yes because we all know it takes being a Van Halen to understand that the word mammoth means 'big.'"

He then added to his own humorous response and stated, "It's my family secret," in reference to the innate power to understand basic definitions of every day words that comes with being born with the Van Halen surname.

Positioning a fictitious scenario, the son of Eddie Van Halen offered, "'Hey Bill, I saw a bird today but it was really... not small? Is there a word for that? How do we describe this?' 'Well, Jerry, I think it's time we call the [Van Halens]. They'll know how to describe it.'"

And that's not even the best response...

Wolf then looked back at the Van Halen catalog and singled out the artwork for the band's 1984 album, which famously features a baby with angel wings and some fantastic hair smoking through two packs of cigarettes.

Mocking those who have asked him about the giant crab, he wondered, "Ok, so, I get it's 1984 because of the Roman numerals, but like... Why the baby? And why does he have wings? And.. why is he smoking?? Can someone explain this to me??"

Mammoth WVH, which finds Wolfgang singing and playing every instrument on the record, will be released on June 11 through EX1/Explorer 1 Records.

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