They say that in space, no one can hear you scream? But can they hear you rock? Obi-Andrew, you're our only hope as Wolfmother has us looking to the skies while they soundtrack an epic battle between a sword-wielding vixen and an evil ruler.

Frontman Andrew Stockdale told Mashable, who debuted the Brother Willis-directed clip, "The video is about a girl who’s held hostage by evil alien folk, but upon hearing the powers of Wolfmother’s smash hit rock ’n roll extravaganza, the heroine is set free from the dark forces of the universe. It is with this knowledge that all forces are combined through the rite of Wolfmother riffmania. And we had a blast shooting it.”

The song itself is a full-on rocker, featuring some of Wolfmother's classic sounding riffs while Stockdale's instantly recognizable voice powers through the upbeat and motivational lyrics.

"It’s all about small victories we have, whatever it might be. More so than a battle, you know that kind of competitive thing because that can be a bit one dimensional. That’s how I see it at least," said Stockdale in our interview last November.

"Victorious" can be heard on the album of the same name, which is on target for a Feb. 19 street date. The disc can be pre-ordered via Amazon or iTunes. And be sure to catch Wolfmother on tour at these stops.