Supreme is a skateboard company that's seen a huge rise in popularity over the past decade, thanks to various celebrities wearing the brand as well as their wide range of styles and influences. As part of their Fall / Winter 2017 collection, the company unveiled several articles of clothing baring the same artwork found on Metallica's controversial 1996 album Load.

The artwork was originally created by artist Andres Serrano, entitling the piece "Semen and Blood III." The artwork was created by mixing bovine blood together with his own semen, and putting the two in between sheets of plexiglass. On Supreme's website, they've called their hoodie the "Blood and Semen Hooded Sweatshirt," as well as giving credit to Serrano. The artwork adorns a hat, sweatshirt, sweatpants, and skateboard deck. Unrelatedly, the brand is also putting out a guitar this season, so you can rock it all together should you choose to do so.

It's kind of a strange image for Supreme to pick, because really who wants to be wearing something called the "Blood and Semen Sweatpant?" In the past, the brand has collaborated with metal artists directly for items of clothing, including Slayer and Black Sabbath in most recent years, so it's clear they're aware of the art's use with the Metallica album. The items are currently not for sale, and will be sold at random points in the rest of the year, as the brand puts out a new wave of clothing each Thursday at 11AM EST.

James Hetfield himself is not a fan of the album's artwork, saying in interviews, "I’m not a big fan of the man and his perversions. There’s art and then there’s just sick motherf–kers. And he’s one of them. But Lars and Kirk really liked the image, so I kind of gave in.”

Speaking of Load, Lars Ulrich recently opened up about the group's haircuts during that period, which lead the way for a whole lot of criticism for the record. The record saw the band breaking away from the thrash metal they'd built their name on, trading it in for elements of blues, southern rock and alt-rock, reminiscent of Alice In Chains and many other albums from that time.

Check out each item below, and look for them to come out in the upcoming months.

Blood and Semen Camp Cap


Blood and Semen Sweatpant


Blood and Semen Skateboard


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