It's time to test your metal knowledge with another edition of You Think You Know Metal? This time around, we head over to the Bay Area of California to take a deeper look into one of thrash's all-time greatest acts, Testament.

Testament have enjoyed over three decades of thrash greatness, beginning in 1983 under a different name. Any idea what that name was? It was four years later that Testament releasing their classic debut album, The Legacy, in 1987. Some bands just happen to get it exactly right on their first try, and The Legacy is a pinnacle example of this. All five Testament members who recorded The Legacy all got matching tattoos of the menacing creature gracing the album cover, but do you know the other thrash legend who got the same tattoo inked?

In this episode, we also get into the Native American ancestry of vocalist Chuck Billy. You'll find out which exact tribe Billy is a descendent of, along with how the Native American community has celebrated Chuck Billy as an iconic frontman.

Here's one more bit of Testament info you may be oblivious to. One former member of Testament cannot remember recording one of the band's pinnacle albums due to a devastating medical condition. Luckily, the man is currently healthy, but his recollection of that entire period has vanished.

So, you think you know Testament? Check out the video above and see for yourselves! Testament are currently on a monster tour with Exodus and Shattered Sun. For the full list of dates, click here. For more episodes of You Think You Know Metal?, see below!

Script by Ed Rivadavia; Narration by Full Metal Jackie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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