What does metal mean to Zakk Wylde? How's Ozzy Osbourne doing? Is there a bigger Black Sabbath fan on this earth? We'll never know.

We caught up with Zakk Wylde at the first ever Sonic Temple festival, and the legendary guitarist hilariously didn’t answer a single one of our questions. We tried going deep at first, pulling a quote from Death Wish Coffee, which Zakk partnered with for Valhalla Java. Instead of talking about how metal got him through rough times, Wylde revealed how disco isn’t dead after all.

Black Label Society’s Sonic Brew album turned 20 this year, so we hoped to get a few memories of Zakk starting the brand new project. Diarrhea jokes were immediately made by Zakk, both about himself and the audience reacting to Sonic Brew. “I enjoy watching people cut weight and calories and get ripped for their summer bodies by losing 18 to 15 pounds every night when we perform these songs,” Zakk said.

As for Ozzy and his health, Zakk doesn’t seem too worried. “The man loves dance,” Wylde emphatically stated. “He loves the art form. He has passion for the movement. And he’ll risk those injuries — the neck injuries, the broken ankles, the knees. When he’s dancing, his knees are smiling.”

Watch Zakk Wylde answer zero questions in the video above and click here for all of Zakk’s upcoming tour dates.

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