It was a tough list to make, but we compiled our picks for the 10 Best Metallica Songs in the video above.

Widely known as the most successful band in the history of metal, Metallica's discography includes nine studio albums and over 40 singles, all created and released over the course of more than three decades. This huge catalog is the foundation for Metallica's success that has now reached beyond the world of music, whether it be a critically acclaimed documentary, their own music festival, a 3D concert film or actually performing in Antarctica.

Metallica fans come in many forms, which is why this particular list proved to be very difficult. Some Metallica fanatics will praise the work of Dave Mustaine above all others, while others bow to the altar of Kirk Hammett. Metalheads will obsess over Metallica's first three albums, but criticize …And Justice for All due to its lack of bass. Metallica's Black Album, an undisputed classic, both recruited innumerable followers and challenged what the genre of thrash could be.

We all know the arguments put forth about each record from Load and Reload, all the way to St. Anger, Death Magnetic and even the band's Lulu collaboration with Lou Reed.

With craftsmanship, impact, innovation and many other dynamics taken into consideration, we give you our list of the 10 Best Metallica Songs. Check it out in the video above!

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