Security may be able to protect bands from the crowd, but they can’t protect you from tour mates! Check out these 10 Epic Onstage Pranks!

Life on the road can be a grind. When you’re away from home for months on end, you’ve got to find ways to stay sane, even when you need a victim to blow off some steam. There are plenty of classic prank stories from the road, but all of these ones happened onstage and were caught on camera!

Metallica are among music’s ultimate pranksters. You’ll see three entries from the thrash legends here, including a prank on Slipknot where Metallica invaded the band’s stage in dollar-store masks. Metallica have even played jokes on their crowd, taking inspiration from James Hetfield’s infamous onstage immolation.

Blink-182 own one of the most inventive pranks in this video. While on tour with rapper Asher Roth, Mark Hoppus struck while Roth was performing, dropping the stage’s curtain on Roth. Green Day also took part in some hazing of a past opening act, Franz Ferdinand, who got covered in toilet paper mid-song.

Check out 10 of the most Epic Onstage Pranks in rock and metal history in the Loud List above!

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