If you've been to a Slipknot show, you know how intense 'Spit It Out' can be in a live setting. And if you find yourself in the pit, you'll be challenged to get down and participate in the band's crazy test.

Not since the wall of death has such an intense metal show ritual been invented. In the middle of 'Spit It Out,' vocalist Corey Taylor will demand that fans squat down, getting them in position to "jump the f--k up" and go absolutely nuts at Taylor's command. This has happened at every Slipknot show for well over a decade and here are 10 of the most explosive ones of all time.

Check out these 10 Epic Slipknot "Jump the F--k Ups" and watch more Loud Lists below! Slipknot's fifth studio album, '.5: The Gray Chapter' will drop on Oct. 21. You can pick up the album via Amazon or iTunes.

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