Few metal subgenres are as beloved as crossover thrash! The hybrid between thrash and hardcore gave us some of the greatest aggressive music of the past 30 years, so we’re counting down our Top 10 picks for the Greatest Crossover Thrash Bands!

The kings of crossover thrash have got to be Suicidal Tendencies. Having formed right at the birth of crossover thrash, Suicidal achieved success very quickly with their self-titled debut album. The iconic track “Institutionalized” marked a major shift of the MTV era, becoming one of the first hardcore clips to be played in heavy rotation on the channel. S.T. hit yet another peak in 1990 when Lights… Camera… Revolution! was released, going on to become one of the most important thrash records in history.

We’ve gotta talk about Cryptic Slaughter for a second. The California band’s importance in the underground can not be understated. With their revolutionary Convicted album, Cryptic Slaughter weaved hardcore and extreme metal together with unparalleled speed for the time. Convicted even helped lay the foundation for what would become grindcore, heavily inspiring acts like Napalm Death.

Landing more on the hardcore side, Cro-Mags did their part to bring up crossover music on the east coast. 1986’s The Age of Quarrel is still seen as a pivotal album to punk, hardcore and crossover fiends, with the album’s messages still ringing in fans’ ears 30 years later.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Crossover Thrash Bands in the Loud List above.

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