This Loud List is dedicated not only to one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all-time, Iron Maiden, but the undisputed king of metal mascots, Eddie the Head.

Only a few metal mascots even reside in the same universe as Eddie in terms of legendary status, and in our recent March Metal Mascot Madness bracket, Eddie destroyed all opponents with relative ease. As for a mascot appearing onstage, Eddie, once again, is untouchable. Iron Maiden has turned Eddie into a near-deity, and we've rounded up the 10 Greatest Iron Maiden Onstage Eddies.

The oldest Eddie in this video is from 1983. For this incarnation, vocalist Bruce Dickinson cracks open Eddie's head and rips out his brain. This is followed quickly by a fantastic beatdown given to Eddie by the boys of Iron Maiden. Another awesome Eddie comes from 1985, where a mummified version of Maiden's mascot raids the stage to mess with the band.

As the years progressed, Iron Maiden took Eddie to new levels thanks to progressed technology. Maiden's tech team was able to create complex robots that literally seem larger than life, such as the Final Frontier-era Eddie, who is muscle-bound and damn-near 10 feet tall. He's even able to grab a guitar to play along with his heavy metal buddies. Another new Eddie was brought out on tour during Iron Maiden's 21st century 'Maiden England' run, which paid tribute to the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album art.

Check out these and many other Eddies in the Loud List above! Also, be sure to check out more exclusive Loudwire features below.

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