We’ve rounded up our Top 10 picks for the best metal bands from the Land of the Rising Sun!

When it comes to Japanese metal, weirder often means better! Take a look at Dir En Grey. The bizarre band’s blend of pop, metal and who-the-hell-knows-what has brought them insane success in their homeland. In fact, almost all of the 31 singles they’ve released in Japan have charted in the Top 10. Better than hearing Justin Bieber everyday, isn’t it?

Where do you think Babymetal should fall on this list? If one thing’s for sure, the teen J-pop/metal trio has been the biggest metal phenomenon to hit the U.S. in decades. With just two albums released, Babymetal already headlined multiple nights at the Tokyo Dome and have played Europe’s biggest metal festivals, along with huge shows in the U.S. opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One of Japan’s most extreme avant-garde acts is Sigh, who’ve released 10 albums in over two decades. The group’s masterful balance of extreme metal, classical and jazz influences has made them a favorite in underground circles, especially for records like Imaginary Sonicscape and Hangman’s Hymn.

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