We’ve already put together our Loud List for the Best Metal Albums of 2017, so now it’s time to give you our picks for the 10 Greatest Metal Songs of 2017.

One of hardcore and metal’s buzz bands of the year was Code Orange. The Pittsburg act introduced the world to their third studio album, Forever, just 13 days into the new year and it struck all the right chords with fans. The album’s title track is a pummeling work that straddles the line between gratifying and nightmarish. It’s also been wildly successful for Code Orange, getting 1.6 million streams on YouTube alone.

Want to go to riff heaven? Pallbearer unleashed one of the year’s best guitar albums with Heartless, but if you want some Iommi-level riffing, check out “I Saw the End.” The doom band weaves a gorgeous intro before hitting the main riff at the one-minute mark, solidifying perhaps the most masterful lead of 2017.

Trivium fans have gone insane for The Sin and the Sentence. Though the band’s discography remained strong in the 2010s, Trivium’s 2017 full-length is arguably their best of the decade. The album’s title track has resonated throughout the rock and metal worlds, nabbing 4.3 million views on YouTube in just four months.

Check out the 10 Greatest Metal Songs of 2017 in the Loud List above.

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