After we published our 10 Greatest Songs Under One Minute Long list, we got flooded with requests to make a Top 10 for rock and metal’s essential marathon tracks. We’ve happily obliged! So here’s our picks for the 10 Greatest Songs Over 10 Minutes Long!

As you may have guessed, classic rock and progressive metal dominate this list! So let’s talk about the former for a second. If you’re a longtime fan or curious about getting into Led Zeppelin, many will point you towards “Whole Lotta Love” or “Stairway to Heaven,” but the most hardcore Zep fanatics will make a point to spotlight “Achilles Last Stand.” At just over 10 minutes in length, “Achilles” is a masterwork and often takes one of the top spots on Best Led Zeppelin Songs list.

Jimi Hendrix makes an appearance not with the classic “Voodoo Child,” but the 15-minute “Voodoo Chile” that provided the framework for one of history’s most powerful guitar tracks. If “Voodoo Child” is your favorite Hendrix cut and you haven’t heard “Voodoo Chile,” prepare for a sudden shift in your personal top spot. We haven’t forgotten about Rush and the band’s iconic 20-minute “2112,” nor have we overlooked Jim Morrison’s haunting vocal performance in The Doors’ “The End.” You’ll find it all right here!

As for metal, there’s a ridiculous amount of longform opus’ to choose from. Of course, we gave a distinguished placement to Iron Maiden’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” which is arguably untouchable in heavy metal. We made sure to show some love to power metal’s mightiest, Helloween, and the band’s 13-minute stream of brilliance known as “Keeper of the Seven Keys.”

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Songs Over 10 Minutes Long in the Loud List above!

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