In honor of a true legend of our time, here are 10 Unforgettable Brian Johnson AC/DC Moments!

Like all AC/DC fans, we were saddened to hear Brian Johnson would no longer continue as singer for the iconic Australian rock band. Johnson helmed rock’s loudest machine for 35 years, stepping in for the late Bon Scott and then establishing a legendary career of his own. Very few men could live up to Scott, but Johnson absolutely soared when he was given the opportunity.

We filled this Loud List with footage from Johnson’s entire career with AC/DC, starting from the very early days as a struggling singer from Newcastle, England. Fans were cautious at first to embrace Johnson, but his siren-like vocals on monstrous tracks like “Back in Black” and “You Shook Me All Night Long” quickly turned fans around. You’ll also see some incredible footage of Johnson singing “Thunderstruck” and “Rock or Bust.”

We get a little into Johnson’s personal life as well. Every hardcore AC/DC fanatic knows Johnson is crazy about cars and has even hosted numerous programs about them. Johnson acted as a amateur stuntman during one show, pulling a full 180 at high speed.

Ever hear about Johnson’s encounter with Chuck Berry? It wasn’t pleasant. In fact, Johnson calls Berry the biggest piece of s—t he’s ever met in his life. You’ll find out why in this video.

Watch these 10 Unforgettable Brian Johnson AC/DC Moments in the clip above!

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