Whenever a news organization attempts to run an expose on heavy metal, it tends to turn into a piece of absurdist comedy for metalheads. Here are 10 Unintentionally Funny News Reports on Metal.

A lot of these reports come from the '80s, when heavy metal was really booming in the mainstream media. Like with any subculture, a short news report is only going to cover the basics of the topic while using tremendously milktoast presenters.

"What can city commissioners do when a death fest comes to town?!" If you're somehow not giggling by that line in the first clip of our Loud List, maybe a mother's one-woman crusade against black metal will peak your interest. Black metal apparently corrupted her son and caused him to become sacrilegious, as she describes in this vintage news report from England.

Perhaps our favorite clip comes from a religious channel during a Pat Robertson telecast in the early '90s. A mullet-headed former metalhead speaks about recanting heavy metal after he felt himself becoming addicted to the music. He describes how he'd come home drunk wishing there was more to life and finally describing a life-changing prayer he made while driving his beer truck.

One of these reports comes from India circa 2011. After Metallica were forced to postpone a show, a TV presenter actually said, "It was meant to be a rocking musical evening with fans swaying to Metallica's beat." This line became infamous between Loudwire staffers and subsequently appeared in about every Metallica story we wrote for the next six months.

Check out 10 Unintentionally Funny News Reports on Metal in the Loud List above!

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